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Be kinder with Kinder for Valentine’s Day

    Ferrero, whose sweet treat brands are fixtures of celebrations around the world, is introducing new products and upgrades that are sure to delight the special people in your life this Valentine’s Day. From new and exciting items such as the Kinder Chocolate Love Gift Box.

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    Where does Fisherman’s Friend come from?

      As you will notice on each package of Fisherman’s Friend, the company was created in 1865. The headquarters is located in Fleetwood in the UK. The logo of a trawler FD 241 Cevic is native to the area. The trawler was built at Lowestoft in 1958 for the Cevic Fishing Company Fleetwood. The trawler sank in the Bay of Biscay after springing a leak in the North Atlantic.

      Tic Tac Launches New Limited Edition Packaging Featuring Positive Messages to Inspire Consumers to Share Kindness and Connect with Others 1

      Tic Tac featuring positive pun messages on packaging

        Tic Tac is launching limited-edition packs featuring positive messages to inspire consumers to share kindness and connect with others. The new packs feature 12 unique Tic Tac sayings including: “Keep Your Day In Mint Condition,” “Orange You Glad We Have Each Other?,” “Up For An Adventure?” and many more on Freshmint, Orange, and Fruit Adventure flavors. The limited-edition packs are available on shelves now through April 2022. 

        snickers cinnamon bun 2

        New Snickers Cinnamon Bun candy bar 

          Now you can have your cake and eat it too. Carry cinnamon buns in your pocket with Mars Wrigley’s SNICKERS Cinnamon Bun. Comfort food on the go. It’s more than a candy bar. The new Snickers Cinnamon Bun Bar will be available exclusively at Walmart in October 2021. Better get them fast before they disappear! They are expected to be around for a limited time.

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          Dig this new Walmart 488-Piece Halloween candy variety box

            Walmart is making it easier to shop for Halloween candy. You can buy their whopping big box of Hershey assortment of 488 candies for a dirt-cheap price of $29.98. Sure wish they had these when the kids were younger. This is sure to make your local dentist happy, you can put his kids and grandchildren through university. They also have a 400-piece assortment bag of Hershey goodies. You are set, no need to shop about. This is your one-stop shopping for a month’s worth of cavities.