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The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Drum Advent Calendar

    Indulge in the ultimate delight for devoted Beatles fans with The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Drum Advent Calendar. This extraordinary experience commences with the magnetic unveiling of a meticulously crafted case, an homage to the iconic drum that takes center stage in the legendary album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Within this enticing case, an array of 24 days await, each concealing exclusive, top-tier gifts that beckon to be uncovered.

    This collection of surprises brilliantly marries wit and functionality. You’ll find treasures such as a meticulously designed metal bookmark and keyring, a charming dish towel, whimsical cookie cutters, cozy socks, coveted limited-edition pin badges, and an authentic reproduction of the cherished Beatles’ Christmas card, a heartwarming nod to their fans.

    The Sgt. Pepper Drum Advent Calendar is a true embodiment of Beatles fandom, allowing enthusiasts to savor the anticipation of opening a new surprise each day while basking in the nostalgia of one of the greatest rock bands in history. This exceptional collection is not just a gift; it’s a testament to the enduring legacy of the Fab 4 and a remarkable opportunity to infuse the spirit of the Beatles into your everyday life.

    25+ EXCLUSIVE GIFTS: Every gift in The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Drum Advent Calendar has been created especially for the calendar and has never been available before, making them true collector’s items

    $200 VALUE: The premium-quality gifts are made from deluxe materials, including ceramic, metal, and fabric. The combined retail value of more than $200 makes this luxury gift an excellent value

    CUSTOM SGT. PEPPER’S DRUM GIFT BOX: The advent calendar is presented in a premium box designed to look like the drum from the classic album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. A collector’s item in itself to be kept and treasured

    HOLIDAY TIME OR ANY TIME: The calendar and its contents are a welcome gift that counts down to Christmas, or to delight a Beatles fan any time of year