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M&M’s New NFL Championship Peanut Butter Candy Diamonds Rings

    With the much-anticipated Super Bowl just around the corner, M&M’s has given sports fans a sneak peek into its upcoming campaign dedicated to the event. In an exciting collaboration, the renowned candy brand has joined forces with NFL Hall of Fame icons Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, and Bruce Smith, each of whom, despite their illustrious careers, fell short of clinching the coveted Super Bowl ring.

    M&M’s Almost Champions Ring of Comfort

    “The M&M’s Super Bowl LVIII campaign highlights the essence of sportsmanship for me – celebrating all players for the endless, demanding effort they put into their craft while enjoying the fun of the game.” said Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino. “Historically only one team walks away with a championship ring, but Mars’s inclusive message to inspire moments of happiness and to bring fun to everyone on and off the field really resonated with me. Just like the game itself, stay tuned for the ad’s full release as there are always some surprising twists.” 

    “I’m no stranger to laying it all out on the field and still not seeing those efforts result in a win. You’re not going to win every game in life, which is why you’ve got to remember to have fun through it all. I applaud M&M’S for making a point to offer fun and comfort to everyone — especially in such an unexpected way,” says Terrell Owens.

    Recognizing the indomitable spirit and exceptional contributions of these “almost champions,” M&M’s has decided to celebrate their legacy in a unique and delectable way. Introducing the groundbreaking “M&M’s Almost Champions Ring of Comfort,” a one-of-a-kind creation that is bound to capture the attention of sports and candy enthusiasts alike. While traditional champions may receive the highly sought-after championship ring, M&M’s believes that these three legends merit recognition and appreciation for their remarkable careers.

    To see the newly released teaser video featuring Dan Marino, Terrell Owens and Bruce Smith and to learn more about the creation of M&M’s Almost Champions Ring of Comfort and M&M’s lineup of peanut butter products and innovations, visit Fans can also follow the brand on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and X.

    “M&M’s Almost Champions Ring of Comfort” 

    Crafted from the very essence of the iconic candy, this innovative ring showcases genuine diamonds, elevating it to a level of luxury that mirrors the excellence of the athletes it honors. The meticulous creation process takes place in a specialized lab, where M&M’s peanut butter candies are transformed into a tangible symbol of achievement. The result is a stunning fusion of confectionery creativity and sportsmanship, exemplifying M&M’s commitment to adding sweetness and excitement to every fan’s Big Game experience. Get ready to witness the union of sports history and candy artistry as M&M’s pays tribute to the “almost champions” in a way that is as delicious as it is unforgettable.

    Oh, you didn’t know: The cost of the inaugural Super Bowl ad in 1967 according to Business Insider reports that brands paid approximately $37,000 for a 30-second time slot during Super Bowl I.