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Do pink pineapples taste different?

    According to Fresh Del Monte, pink pineapples are known to contain lycopene, which is the identical pigment responsible for the pink hue in watermelons and the vibrant red color in strawberries. This unique pigment not only imparts a visually striking pink color to the pineapple but also contributes to its distinctively sweeter flavor profile compared to regular pineapples. This results in a delightful taste experience that is characterized by a reduced level of acidity, setting pink pineapples apart from their conventional counterparts.

    In the United States, these captivating pink pineapples are readily accessible for purchase; however, it’s worth noting that they are not available for sale in Hawaii. This is due to the state’s stringent regulations which impose restrictions on the importation of any type of pineapple. Nevertheless, for residents of the continental U.S. and neighboring Canada, the opportunity to enjoy these unique and visually appealing pink pineapples is a delightful reality. It’s important to consider that the availability of these pineapples might differ based on regional regulations and market preferences, but in many regions, they have become a novel and sought-after addition to fruit selection.

    Fresh Del Monte is the sole producer of pink pineapples. These unique fruits are grown on a farm located in south-central Costa Rica, where they flourish in the volcanic soil and tropical weather. Unlike typical yellow pineapples, pink pineapples are sold and shipped without their stem. Fresh Del Monte preserves the stem to replant and cultivate new pink pineapples.