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New Hershey’s Milklicious Bars Are Hitting Shelves Now!

    New Hershey's Milklicious Bars Are Hitting Shelves Now!

    Introducing the latest addition to the confectionery scene – the newly launched Hershey’s Milklicious bars, now available on store shelves! These delectable treats feature a luscious combination of smooth milk chocolate enveloping creamy chocolate milk filling, creating an indulgent experience for chocolate enthusiasts. Following the success of the Milklicious Hershey’s Kisses earlier this year, the Hershey’s Milklicious bars continue to elevate the chocolate-loving experience.

    “Inspired by the special tastes of childhood, Hershey’s KISSES Milklicious candies feature a rich and creamy chocolate milk filling that is guaranteed to add a bit of delight to any time of day, and unlock fond memories of drinking chocolate milk for the whole family,” said Katie DeCapria, brand manager at The Hershey Company. “We’re excited to bring KISSES brand fans the chance to enjoy a filled product variation year-round.”

    Innovating upon the beloved Hershey’s KISSES portfolio, the Milklicious chocolates present a uniquely delightful offering, wrapped in eye-catching light-blue foils. Adorned with charming illustrations of little glasses of milk, these playful packaging designs serve as a whimsical nod to the new and enticing flavor awaiting consumers inside. With the addition of Hershey’s Milklicious bars, Hershey’s continues to captivate taste buds and expand its range of irresistible chocolate creations, providing a delectable adventure for chocolate enthusiasts everywhere.