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Sour Patch Kids paints Valentine’s Day black hearts

    sour patch kids black valentines candy

    SOUR PATCH KIDS candy is a great brand to cover. They are always thinking outside the box. I love their new sour black heart campaign for Valentine’s Day. Nothing like wincing when you bite and chew into SOUR PATCH KIDS candy. Fans can join Sour Hearts Social Club and try the new Sour Hearts candy.

    SOUR PATCH KIDS is celebrating sweethearts and sour singles this Valentine’s season with the launch of its new SOUR PATCH KIDS Sour Hearts candy. The popular and unique Black Raspberry flavor, now in a new black heart shape, is sure to bring some edge to the traditional Valentine’s Day candy aisle. To add to the fun, SOUR PATCH KIDS is also announcing the launch of the Sour Hearts Social Club for Sour Hearts who want to enjoy the sweet side of Valentine’s Day…without the romance.

    Sour Patch Kids paints Valentines Day black boxes

    “Valentine’s Day can be a sour subject for some, which is why we wanted to offer a SOUR PATCH KIDS treat for all our fans to enjoy,” said Lauryn McDonough, Senior Marketing Director, Candy, Seasonals, and Chocolate at Mondelēz International. “SOUR PATCH KIDS Sour Hearts candy plays on the mischievous side of Valentines, while still delivering the sour-then-sweet treat SOUR PATCH KIDS fans have come to know and love, regardless of relationship status.” 

    “We’re always looking for creative ways for our fans to connect with the SOUR PATCH KIDS brand,” said McDonough. “We created Sour Hearts Social Club as a cheeky way to bring our fans together to try the new Sour Hearts candy and enjoy all the fun perks of Valentine’s Day with friends.”

    Fun Fact: They weren’t always called Sour Patch Kids. When the juicy gummies were first introduced, they were called “Mars Men” and were intended to look like Martians. The name and design were changed to the kids we know and love today, but Sour Patch still produces a wide array of different shapes.