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Oscar Mayer Scramblers offers a simple new satisfying breakfast option

    With the introduction of the Oscar Mayer Scramblers, Kraft Heinz has pulled off a culinary mashup that rivals even the quirkiest of superhero team-ups. They’ve managed to unite two of their most iconic brands, Oscar Mayer Meats and Velveeta Cheese, in a breakfast bonanza that promises to revolutionize your morning munchies, one delightful forkful at a time.

    Whether you’re rushing out the door for a meeting or trying to catch the bus, breakfast frequently turns into a quick grab-and-go situation. Oscar Mayer Scramblers offers the solution people have been seeking: a convenient, tasty, and satisfying breakfast product innovation.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking. Wiener and Cheddar for breakfast? It might seem like a daring departure from the classic breakfast fare, but hey, who made the rules for morning meals, anyway? If we can embrace pancakes in the PM, why not welcome hot dogs to the AM? Just think of it as a sausage’s slightly rebellious cousin who’s determined to make your taste buds tango with delight at any hour of the day.

    Speaking of time, let’s not be too rigid with the breakfast clock. After all, the beauty of breakfast food lies in its all-day versatility. You can have your bacon and eggs at noon or your cereal at midnight – no judgment here. So, why not indulge in a scrumptious scramble whenever your cravings call for it? The Wiener and Cheddar flavor option is your trusty sidekick, ready to save the day, be it morning, noon, or night.

    But wait, there’s more! The Oscar Mayer Scramblers offer not one, not two, but three mouthwatering flavors that cater to a broad spectrum of taste buds. Whether you’re a convenience crusader or a flavor explorer, these delectable creations are destined to find their way into your shopping cart faster than you can say “breakfast.”

    As Kelsey Rice, Associate Director, Oscar Mayer, said, “While people crave a tasty breakfast, it is often compromised with quick, boring options due to busy weekday mornings—and boring is the antithesis of what Oscar Mayer stands for. With fans yearning for more fresh, convenient and satiating breakfast options, Scramblers is set to spark smiles through seriously delicious meats, providing hearty ingredients and tasty, meaty recipes in a way only Oscar Mayer can.”

    With the Oscar Mayer Scramblers, Kraft Heinz has dared to dream beyond the breakfast norms and delivered a culinary masterpiece that’s bound to leave you craving more, no matter what time the clock strikes. Who knew that hot dogs and breakfast could form a dynamic duo? It’s time to start a flavor revolution, one delicious scramble at a time!