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SOUR PATCH KIDS Coal is back for the naughty

    sour patch kids coal black raspberry

    They are back! Sour Patch Kids Coal candy in a Christmas-themed box is great for stocking stuffers, and gift exchanges. Are you on the naughty list again this year?

    Spread a little mischievous holiday cheer with SOUR PATCH KIDS Coal Black Raspberry Soft and Chewy Candy. A fun stocking stuffer for those on your naughty and nice list, this sour candy has an intense black raspberry flavor for a blast to your taste buds that are SOUR. SWEET. GONE. This coal-shaped SOUR THEN SWEET candy is a great holiday candy for kids, adults, coworkers and friends. Serve this Christmas coal candy at office and classroom parties and holiday gatherings for a naughty but nice treat.

    sour patch kids coal black raspberry
    • Mischief-filled SOUR PATCH KIDS start out sour then turn sweet.
    • Whether you’re trying to plan out the perfect prank or the ideal delight, these tasty little confections are chewy treats to be enjoyed when you’re in need of a play-filled break.
    • SOUR PATCH KIDS comes in single packs for individual snacking and bulk packages that are ideal for sharing. Get some for your next movie night, or just for a fun sour then sweet treat for you, your family and your friends.
    sour patch kids coal black raspberry

    It was a sunny day. The Kids couldn’t decide if they wanted to play a prank or give someone a hug when it dawned on them that choices just aren’t fun. Capitalizing on this stroke of pure genius, they set out to cause mischief and shower sweetness everywhere they went.

    Today’s gift-givers possess a darker knowledge about coal. Even jokes about coal, like Joel, feature widely known facts about its role in climate change. Despite that awareness, people continue to accept coal power and blithely give coal gifts. That makes coal the ultimate Anthropocene stocking stuffer: Without the advent of fossil-fuel infrastructure, people would never have used coal to punish children—and now humankind can’t seem to stop relying on it. Coal need not be kept as a symbol of individual naughtiness when it persists as a real cause of collective wickedness—a nonrenewable energy resource that continues to endanger the environment. Maybe as a gift, coal can serve a new purpose: as a reminder of that ongoing fact—an earnest, ecological memento mori instead of a chastisement or a joke.