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Say I love you with Jet-Puffed marshmallow strawberry hearts

    Jet-Puffed marshmallow strawberry hearts

    It’s the little things that count in life. A few Jet-Puffed strawberry hearts sprinkled on her hot chocolate will make her skip a few heartbeats as long as she does not go into cardiac arrest or a sugar rush. Jet-Puffed hearts might not make her win your heart but they might put a smile on her face or his face depending on who is receiving them. Jet-Puffed hearts are not gender restrictive, they are for everybody! None of that fake stuff tastes like strawberries.

    According to Kraft, the making of marshmallows involves pumping the marshmallow mixture through tubular-shaped pipes. The temperature of extrusion has to be just right so that the mixture will flow under pressure, but hold its shape after leaving the pipe. After further cooling, the marshmallow structure sets and they are cut into individual cylindrical pieces, dusted with corn starch to prevent sticking and bagged for sale.

    Fun Fact: Kraft began extruding its own marshmallows in the late 1950s, but its most creative touch might have been the space-age name it gave to the factory process — jet-puffed — as if the marshmallows had exploded out of a rocket-ship engine.