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Frankford Candy: Kraft Mac & Cheese Noodle-Shaped Gummies

    Kraft Heinz, the creative culinary masterminds, is turning your favorite comfort foods Kraft Mac & Cheese and Oscar Mayer hot dogs into gummy wizardry for this spooky Halloween season. In a partnership that’s crazier than a mad scientist’s experiment, they’ve teamed up with Frankford Candy to bring you gummy wonders that will make your taste buds do the Monster Mash. It’s like Willy Wonka decided to jump into the Halloween candy game.

    Now, what do these ghoulishly delightful gummies look like, you ask? Kraft Mac & Cheese noodle-shaped gummies, perfect for trick-or-treating with the kiddos. And for the carnivorous candy connoisseurs, there are Oscar Mayer hot dog-shaped gummies, because nothing says “Halloween” like a gummy weiner. Last but not least, Claussen pickle gummies are for those who want a taste of tangy terror.

    But where can you get your hands on these hauntingly hilarious treats? Fear not, for they’ll be available at a spooktacular lineup of retailers, including Walgreens, Target, Meijer, Big Lots, Supervalu, and even in the virtual realm on Amazon and the Frankford Candy website. So, whether you’re trick-or-treating or just treating yourself, be ready for a Halloween candy experience that’s stranger than a ghost in a cheese factory.