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Skittles Shriekers are Back Again for Halloween

    Mars Wrigley‘s tantalizing treat roster for Halloween 2023 unveils an eerie ensemble, beckoning you with both chilling chortles and sugary shivers. Among the headliners is the triumphant resurgence of Skittles Shriekers, a confectionary favorite that has risen from the sweetly sinister depths. But that’s just the tantalizing tip of the broomstick! Conjure up a spellbinding selection of this year’s Halloween-themed confections:

    Skittles Shriekers Halloween Candy (10.72-oz bag) – Fun-size packets containing a mix of fruity Skittles with a few sour ones thrown in.

    M&M’s Ghoul’s Mix Milk Chocolate Halloween Candy (10-oz bag) – Milk Chocolate M&M’s in Halloween-themed colors (purple, orange, and green).

    M&M’s Ghoul’s Mix Peanut Halloween Candy (10-oz bag) – Peanut M&M’s in Halloween-themed colors (purple, orange, and green).

    M&M’s Ghoul’s Mix Peanut Butter Halloween Candy (9.48-oz bag) – Peanut Butter M&M’s in Halloween-themed colors (purple, orange, and green).

    M&M’s Campfire Smores Chocolate & White Chocolate Candies (7.44-oz bag) – Smores-flavored M&M’s with both milk chocolate and white chocolate inside the candy shell.

    M&M’s Chocolate Candies Mad Scientist Mix (8-oz bag) – A mix of M&M’s Peanut, Peanut Butter, and Milk Chocolate M&M’s in Halloween-themed colors.

    Snickers Ghoulish Green Halloween Chocolate Candy (9.69-oz bag) – Regular Fun Size Snickers but with green-colored nougat.

    The spine-tingling Mars 2023 Halloween candy collection has materialized in stores at this very moment, casting its spell for a brief and bewitching period up until Halloween itself. But, as they say, the candy cauldron’s contents won’t linger forever, for it’s all subject to the law of “while supplies last.” So, you’d be wise to embark on your candy quest swiftly, as this tantalizing treasure trove can be discovered at retail haunts spanning the entire nation.