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Burnt Toast and Other Disasters 1 1

Burnt Toast and Other Disasters by Cal Peternell

    Stuff happens when you are cooking. Your dish does not turn out as desired. What can be a complete disaster can easily be rescued with a little creativity. Cal Peternell the bestselling author of Twelve Recipes wants to help you turn your kitchen disaster into a delish outcome that all can enjoy. Sometimes a little bad experience can turn into something special. Burnt Toast and Other Disasters by Cal Peternell is your perfect weapon to rescue your kitchen mishap. Keep calm and cook on.

    Shaqs Family Style 1

    Shaq’s Family Style

      Shaq’s love of food, eating, and family cooking began in his childhood home, where his mom cooked for him and his three siblings. With his own family, he carries on the commitment to creating family connections and fun through food. In Shaq’s Family Style, featuring his inimitable sense of humor, he shares eighty recipes for bringing family together around the table, plus 100 photographs to whet the appetite.

      Food IQ 1

      Food IQ: 100 Questions, Answers, and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts

        When food writer Matt Rodbard met chef Daniel Holzman while covering the opening of his restaurant, the Meatball Shop, on New York’s Lower East Side, it was a match made in the question. More than a decade later, the pair have remained steadfast friends—they write a popular column together, and talk, text, and DM about food constantly. Now, in Food IQ, they’re sharing their passion and a deep curiosity for home cooking, and the food world zeitgeist, with the world.

        portuguese home cokking by ana patuleia ortins 1

        Portuguese Home Cooking by Ana Patuleia Ortins

          When it comes to Portuguese cookbooks, you will be pressed to find that many in your local bookstore. Portugal has a wealth of foods to offer. There is a magical aroma around the foods that are passed down from generation to generation. The sea-faring country delves into oceanic traditions to hark back to the old days that seem to be trapped in a timeless loop in mainland Portugal.

          central perk scaled 1

          Friends: The Central Perk Cookbook by Kara Mickelson

            To celebrate this week’s FRIENDS: The Reunion, which premieres on HBO Max this Thursday, Insight Editions pleased to show a sneak preview of select recipes from FRIENDS: THE OFFICIAL CENTRAL PERK COOKBOOK (Insight Editions; 10/5) for the first time. This is one cookbook that will sell like hotcakes come this fall.

            pulutan 1

            Hell-Bent for Cinco de Mayo

              I happened to go to Texas and noticed how big Cinco de Mayo is there. May 5th commemorates the date of the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Today it is more festive where friends get together and drink. In Texas non-Mexicans celebrate the event, so why not add a little zing with Filipino bites and drinks. Publisher Tuttle is sharing a unique drink that mixes Mexican Michelada with Filipino beer. Miguel in Hell is a match made in hell. Pulutan: Filipino Bar Bites, Appetizers and Street Eats has some great finger foods to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

              IKEA cookbook 1

              Free Kitchen Scraps Cookbook from Ikea

                IKEA once again is in the forefront with The Scraps Book: A Waste-Less Cookbook. You can download it for free or win a chance to win a hardcopy edition.

                cooking alone Kathleen Le Riche 1

                Cooking Alone by Kathleen Le Riche With an Introduction by Bee Wilson

                  Cooking Alone is not your conventional cookbook. You see it was published in 1954 and is less recipe-oriented but a cornucopia witty food banter for distinctive individuals. The book might feel a bit dated but still stands out many years later. The main ingredient of Cooking Alone is wry humor. Kathleen Le Riche cooks us rich vignettes of gastronomic bite-size character-driven delightful recipes.

                  The Bobs Burgers Burger Book 1

                  The Bob’s Burgers Burger BookReal Recipes for Joke Burgers

                    I was lucky to get an advance copy of Bob’s Burgers Burger Book. Loren Bouchard and the writers of Bob’s Burgers bring out seventy-five original recipes. Living above the 49th parallel I have to wait to get out the barbeque in order to try out these succulent burger recipes. The recipe book is beautifully illustrated with scene stills from the show. Each burger is showcased from each season with numbered episodes. This is one book that Wimpy would love to get his grubby hands on. This is a serious burger recipe book that will satisfy many of those who love hamburgers.

                    cooking with deadpool scaled 1

                    Marvel Comics: Cooking With Deadpool

                      When it comes to cooking with super-heroes, Superman and Batman come to mind. Superman’s super-speed and heat-vision, cooking can be a flash and your food would always be warm. Batman has Alfred who can whip up any exotic recipe at his beckoning. Now when it comes to Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth has built an extensive appetite for digestion.

                      cauliflower power 1

                      Cauliflower Power: 75 Feel-Good, Gluten-Free Recipes Made with the World’s Most Versatile Vegetable

                        Cauliflower is making the rounds in your grocery store in different food offerings. It is a popular pizza crust option for those craving low carbs. Food blogger expert Lindsay Grimes Freedman generously offers us 75 unique cauliflower recipes for all tastes out there. The versatility of cauliflower will increase as an alternative for healthier eating. I strongly recommend you get the latest book from Lindsay Grimes Freedman. Keep an eye for Cauliflower Power: 75 Feel-Good, Gluten-Free Recipes Made with the World’s Most Versatile Vegetable.