The Art of Sushi by Franckie Alarcon

Franckie Alarcon (The Secrets of Chocolate) returns to the culinary world with this informative and appetizing comics chronicle covering every aspect of the Japanese sushi experience from growing rice and making soy sauce to the many ways fish are caught and prepared. Alarcon travels from France to Tokyo to the Japanese countryside, interviewing sushi chefs working with both traditional and modern techniques, following fishermen, and meeting artisanal craftspeople from all the industries that help make sushi so delicious. The (perhaps unsurprising) secret? High-quality ingredients and careful preparation. The back matter provides recipes for home cooks to try out, as well as a list of restaurants visited and recommendations for places to buy utensils and ingredients in the United States. The mostly monochromatic art style with spots of color is clear and easy to follow, and though it’s a bit bland (could use some wasabi), it maintains a respectful presentation that avoids exoticizing. This straightforward food-fan comic offers armchair tourism and meal-plan inspiration. 

Fly to Japan and come discover all there is to know about sushi. After revealing the secrets of chocolate to us, Franckie Alarcon offers a gourmet panorama of this exceptional dish that has conquered the planet! But do you really know sushi? The author traveled to Japan to meet all the players involved in the making of this true work of culinary art. From the traditional starred chef to the young cook who is shaking up the rules, including all the artisans and producers involved, this book covers the most emblematic of Japanese products from A to Z. A fascinating journey of discovery that, along the way, tells a lot about Japan itself. You’ll never believe the precision and detailed obsession with quality ingredients involved.

Born in the port town of Brest, Brittany, Franckie Alarcon studied graphic arts in Nantes, and after a few years as a graphic artist, decided to go freelance as an illustrator and comic artist, realizing various graphic novels for prominent French publishers. He is the author of The Secrets of Chocolate.