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Eat France: The complete companion to France’s cuisine and food culture

    Eat France

    The Eat Series Of Travel Guides Provide A Wealth of Knowledge From Etiquette to Common Phrases For Travelers Who Don’t Know a Camembert From a Champagne

    LONELY PLANET, the digital travel guide company and the world’s number one travel guidebook brand has launched its newest, and most delicious title, Eat France.

    For foodies who pack their schedule with restaurant reservations and travelers who want to maximize their experiences abroad, Eat France is the perfect primer for exploring the bounty of French cuisine – from wines to cheese – and everything in between!

    Broken down by different regions in France, readers are able to hone in on each region and learn about the historical importance of their specialty dishes – giving a whole 360° view of gastronomy. There are also etiquette guidelines to help avoid “faux pas” along with essential words and phrases for ordering to prove they are true compagnon(e).

    Eat France was written by French travel expert, Nicola Williams. A British ex-pat who now resides in France herself, Nicola’s expertise in French gastronomy encompasses everything from dining at the best Parisian bistros to drinking with experimental winemakers in Languedoc.

    Eat France includes a special section dedicated just to French wine culture to help demystify this national pride, and guide readers in being able to enjoy and “goûter” like a local. 

    “Travel isn’t about checking off a box to say you’ve been somewhere – travelers want full and enriching experiences that make them feel a part of the culture,” said Sebastian Modak, Editor-at-Large at Lonely Planet. “The new Eat Series brings the knowledge of a local to the fingertips of explorers everywhere.”