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fast food

hooters welcome back 1

Hooters Opens More Than 150 Locations Nationwide

    Hooters is opening over 150 locations nationwide for dine-in service. The restaurant chain is adhering to the strictest working conditions to keep their patrons safe. Grubbits will keep you abreast as more restaurants re-open.

    instant mashed potato 1

    MAGGI Instant Mashed Potato

      Just imagine instant mashed potato in a cup just like ramen noodles. This ingenious idea from Maggi should be a thing in North America. Ideal for kids and adults stuck at home. They come in four different flavors; mashed potato with jalapeno chili, mashed potato with mushroom, mashed potato with peas & carrot, and last but not least mashed potato with sour cream & croutons.

      KFC Firelogs are back 1

      KFC firelogs are back!

        Available for a limited time only! Made with 100 percent recycled materials, the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog from Enviro-Log is dramatically less wasteful and significantly more effective at making your home smell like fried chicken than burning actual fried chicken. Great gift idea for family and friends!

        french fries 1

        Are French Fries Really a “Death Food”?

          French fries are always scrutinized as not being healthy for you. Many studies conclude that moderation is the key. Having fries once a week will not be the death of you. Fries are a weaponized food that non-experts use for their own means. The best way to find out if french fries are healthy for you is to consult a professional who guides you in the right direction. There is way too much misinformation out there contradicting the french fry as a food killer.

          KFC Canada Introduces New BBQ Big Crunch Stacker Sandwich 1

          KFC Canada now offering BBQ Big Crunch Sandwich

            Add KFC Canada’s newest BBQ Big Crunch Sandwich to the list of new fast food products to tax the health system. If you are looking for healthy chicken alternatives, KFC is not the place for you.

            montreal canadiens five pound poutine 1

            Massive Montreal 5-Pound Poutine

              Montreal is known for both hockey and poutine. Now both are nestled under the same roof. You can watch the Montreal Canadiens and wolf down their 5-pound poutine called the “CHampionne.” If a stretcher is called out most likely it will not be for an injured player, it will be for a cardiac attack client after consuming this monstrosity. Better bring a bigger pair of pants with you. Your waist is going to need to expand a bit more.

              Colonel Sanders KFC worst restaurant review New York Times 1

              KFC’s worst reviews ever by the least unlikely critic

                On many occasions, you purchased KFC and felt that the chicken did not taste right. The chicken has a funny aftertaste. The sauce was either too lumpy or watery. KFC is never consistent.
                Below are some quotes of KFC made by Colonel Harland Sanders on September 9, 1976, for the New York Times. Colonel Sanders sold his company to an investment group in 1964 and was not pleased that his brand had dwindled to such a state. This was over 40 years ago, imagine what Colonel Sanders would say today. The colonel would not be impressed.

                kfc beyong meat chicken 1

                Beyond Meat testing plant-based fried ‘chicken’ for KFC

                  I do not know what the colonel would say but Beyond Meat and KFC are handing out samples of their new Beyond Meat chicken nuggets at one of its Atlanta restaurants on Aug. 27. Beyond Meat has branched out of the meatless beef and sausage business into the chicken market. The proof will be in the pudding. Well in the case, it might be in the sauce.

                  egslut burger 1

                  Eggslut: Are you eggsperienced?

                    You have to go to California or Nevada if you want to dine at Eggslut. Imagine a brioche bun loaded with eggs instead of meat. The restaurant’s signature dish is “The Slut”, a coddled egg on pureed potatoes. Once you try Eggslut, you will never go back to regular burgers. The egg is going beyond the breakfast table and taking the spotlight throughout the whole day.

                    Boston Pizza Poutine 1 1

                    Putting it in perspective: Boston Pizza Poutine

                      Canadian restaurant Boston Pizza introduces Poutine Pizza for the hungry masses. You will have to cross the 49th parallel to get this one. Just think of it as a dough-less pepperoni pizza tossed in crispy fries served with a side of signature pizza gravy. This will set you back for about $12.49 for an order of Pizza Poutine.

                      slutty vegan 1

                      Yes, Vegans are Slutty: Slutty Vegan Opening third store

                        Slutty Vegan, the Atlanta based vegan burger joint is planning to open its third location. Slutty Vegan has a risqué menu that will tantalize your salacious appetite. This is all in good fun. The meatless burger restaurant is yet another in a long list of burger establishments using plant-based meat substitutes as a main course.

                        poutine for life 1

                        Win poutine for life

                          You could win Poutine for Life depending if your arteries let you live that long. Atlantic Lottery which includes the four Atlantic provinces from Canada wants to fatten both your waistline and your pocketbook. You could win their top prize of $10,000 worth of poutine. You could also opt-out and take the cash equivalent instead.