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Burger King’s new Hershey’s Chocolate Burger makes a splash

    burger king chocolate

    Burger King’s new Hershey’s Chocolate Burger is a thing in Thailand. Did Willy Wonka become the new menu chef at Burger King in Thailand? Perhaps somebody spilled their chocolate milkshake on their burger and thought this was a good idea. The promotion ends on March 31, just the day before April Fool’s Day.

    In Thailand, you will find a god in every golden cloister and now you will also find Hershey’s Chocolate Burger.

    Burger King Thailand’s Hershey’s Collection menu, in collaboration with the famous chocolate company, is available until March 31. One of the items you can order from the menu is the outrageous Hershey’s Chocolate Burger, which comprises Burger King’s signature flame-grilled patty made from 100% Australian beef, a slice of American cheese, and crunchy bacon drizzled with Hershey’s premium chocolate sauce and sandwiched between chocolate buns.

    Fun Fact: When in Australia, you won’t find a Burger King anywhere. Instead, you can go to Hungry Jack’s and it will be the same thing. The name had been already trademarked when Burger King planned to expand to Australia, so they just renamed it Hungry Jack’s.