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KFC Thailand chicken-flavored incense stick gets fried

    new kfc chicken incense sticks

    KFC Thailand is getting fried online for its latest stunt. In Asia, the burning of incense is typically seen to ward off bad luck, or at funerals, special ceremonies and daily prayers to pay respects to ancestors. So this latest stunt does not bode well with purists.

    According to KFC, each incense stick is made with 11 herbs and spices, carefully crafted to mimic the mouthwatering scent of their world-famous fried chicken. This latest campaign most likely will go up in smoke. KFC previously launched KFC gravy-scented candles in the UK and the limited-edition candles were sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    kfc chicken incense sticks

    Fun Fact: Rather unfortunately, “finger-lickin’ good” wasn’t translated correctly in the first few locations in China, so the famous catchphrase was “eat your fingers off” in China for a while…