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Poutine Week is back with over 500 new poutine creations

    la poutine week

    Canada is celebrating their annual love for poutine with Poutine Week two weeks before Valentine’s Day. Please do not tell my cardiologist that there are over 500 Poutine Creations throughout Canada. I think I deserve at least one poutine this week.

    Canada’s gravy-est food festival of the year: La Poutine Week! From February 1st until February 14th, 2023, La Poutine Week, presented by Sysco and delivered exclusively with DoorDash is back for two weeks for its eleventh year to serve thousands across the nation and empower the Canadian restaurant industry, restaurateurs, servers, and foodies alike. With over five hundred participating restaurants, La Poutine Week is back to offer some of the most creative and adventurous poutine creations the nation has ever seen – and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

    Heading into its eleventh consecutive year, the two-week-long event will allow poutine enthusiasts to discover new restaurants, creations, and flavors of one-of-a-kind poutines and support local restaurant communities across the country. As the largest poutine festival in Canada, this year’s edition will see over five hundred participating restaurants pushing the boundaries of poutine creations in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa/Gatineau, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver, and much more!

    poutine st hubert
    Discover St-Hubert’s decadent poutine with pulled beef and cheese sticks

    Additionally, participants of the festival can go to to vote for their favorite creations and help promote the restaurants that made them. This will be showcased on the website’s voting leaderboard, where users can view the top five restaurants in real time.

    In order to further celebrate our nation’s greatest delicacy and provide restaurants an opportunity to reach new audiences with their poutine creations, La Poutine Week has teamed up once again with Sysco, Canada’s food distribution service, as their official partner in helping provide support to different restaurants across the country. Sysco delivers the freshest produce, custom-cut meats, essential ingredients, food service supplies, and resources as unique as your business. Sysco is committed to using its voice to encourage Canadians to support their local restaurants – by buying gift cards, ordering take-out, or dining in where available.

    Additionally, La Poutine Week is proud to be teaming up with DoorDash, the exclusive delivery partner for all custom poutines, connecting consumers with their favorite local and national restaurants! In collaboration with DoorDash, the festival brings you closer to action this year, as La Poutine Week offers in-store dining, in-store pick-up and delivery to poutine lovers across the country.

    As co-founder Na’eem Adam states, “We are honored to be hosting our eleventh year of the festival and to have remained Canada’s largest poutine festival! So let’s dig in, it’s poutine for the win!”

    Fun Fact: In 2019, Les Fromages Warwick, a Quebec establishment beat the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest poutine. It weighed 6,688 pounds.