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Keurig Dr Pepper makes a splash with new drinks for 2024

    Keurig Dr Pepper has an array of new beverages in the pipeline for eager consumers. One of the intriguing additions to the lineup is the Snapple Elements Sun, which boasts a captivating blend of starfruit, orange, and nectarine flavors.

    Tropical 7-Up makes a splash at Kroger stores

      The return of Tropical 7-Up has generated quite a buzz, especially for health-conscious consumers, as it now boasts a zero-sugar option. Its a triumphant comeback as an exclusive offering at Kroger.

      dnL the forgotten 7-up drink

        dnL was formulated as a contender in the arena of beverages, aiming to rival the established success of drinks like Mountain Dew. The moniker “dnL” holds a clever linguistic twist, as it literally reverses the letters of “7Up,” the well-known carbonated beverage.

        Bubly adds a new Key Lime Pie flavor to its line

          Introducing a delightful twist on a classic dessert, the renowned sparkling water brand Bubly introduces its latest creation, the Key Lime Pie Bubly. The sparkling water is infused with hints of key lime and vanilla.