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7-Eleven Unveils New Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water

    Miracle Seltzer‘s new sparkling water is inspired by one of 7-Eleven‘s iconic snacks, the Big Bite Hot Dog*. The unusual flavor combines the delicious and mouthwatering experience of 7-Eleven’s iconic Big Bite Hot Dog into one refreshing beverage – ketchup and mustard included.

    The era of juggling bites of a hot dog with sips of a drink is now a thing of the past; instead, individuals on the move can opt to exchange the bun for effervescence.

    This bizarre concoction prompts one to wonder about the minds behind such creations. Is 7-Eleven’s Big Bite Hot Dog sparkling water an April Fool’s joke? Surprisingly, according to 7-Eleven, this peculiar beverage is indeed authentic.

    In a recent announcement, 7-Eleven unveiled its latest venture: a series of innovative sparkling waters under their 7-Select brand. Collaborating with the avant-garde beverage brand Miracle Seltzer, the retail giant has introduced a range of sparkling waters boasting bold and unconventional flavors. Among these offerings are classics such as Lemon Lime and Green Apple, alongside more adventurous choices like Sweet Orange and the audacious Hot Dog flavor.

    This partnership exemplifies the intersection of art and consumerism, showcasing a fusion of creative ingenuity and market demand. Such unconventional flavors challenge conventional taste norms, inviting consumers to embrace novelty and experimentation in their beverage choices. As we navigate the blurred lines between tradition and innovation, it’s evident that 7-Eleven and Miracle Seltzer are pushing the boundaries of flavor exploration, daring consumers to embark on a gustatory adventure.

    (April Fools’ Day)*