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Coca-Cola launches two new lemon-flavored colas

    In 2001, Coca-Cola introduced a variant infused with the zesty essence of lemon, aiming to vie with PepsiCo’s citrus-infused offering, Pepsi Twist. Despite its initial splash, the original Coca-Cola with lemon underwent a series of entries and exits from the market in different countries over the ensuing years.

    This revitalized beverage makes its return, boasting both its classic flavor and a sugar-free alternative. The packaging maintains consistency with the brand’s iconic design, featuring a prominent “Lemon” label at the can’s apex and a striking gradient that transitions from Coke’s signature red to vibrant yellow. Nestled at the heart of the design sits a captivating depiction of a lemon wedge resembling a celestial body hurtling through Earth’s atmosphere, evoking a sense of dynamism and freshness.

    A Big Hit of Lemon!

    By combining the much-loved taste of Coca-Cola with a bold blast of citrus, the new launches will meet the growing consumer demand for innovation in colas, with flavored colas growing ahead of the colas segment as a whole.

    Coca-Cola Original Taste Lemon and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Lemon will join Coca-Cola’s existing flavored colas range, which is worth £118m and growing in value and includes Coca-Cola Original Taste Cherry, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cherry and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Vanilla.

    “Coca-Cola and lemon are a natural combination. Consumers who order Coca-Cola in a pub will be used to seeing it served with “ice and a slice”, which for many is the ideal refreshment on a hot summer day. Our new Lemon flavor will help us to bring that iconic pairing into retail, with a full-on zing flavor to deliver a taste that we know consumers will love – with and without sugar.”

    “Flavoured colas are growing ahead of the total cola segment as consumers look for new twists on their favorite drink, which we’ve seen through the popularity of our cherry variants and other limited editions. The sub-segment presents a real opportunity for retailers, and we’ll be investing in our range of flavors throughout 2024 to help them make the most of it,” said Rob Yeomans, vice-president of commercial development at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners.

    As of the current moment, the re-released Coca-Cola with lemon seems to be exclusively offered in the United Kingdom. So, if circumstances ever present you with lemons, why settle for ordinary lemonade? Instead, infuse your Coke with a burst of citrusy zest by incorporating those tangy fruits.