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The first-ever collection of Raymond Scott’s 1950s-60s TV and radio commercial jingles

    Raymond Scott generated hymns to hunger, odes to pudding and pilsner, and crafted carols for countless other products, elevating the form of advertisement to an art. If Zappa had written music for commercials, it’s not hard to think his approach would have been similar! This first-ever collection contains varied styles in both instrumentation and vocalization, previously unavailable electronic works, and a zine-style insert with rare photos and a reproduction of a 1964 interview with Raymond himself.

    heinz seriously good terrys chocolate orange mayo 1

    Heinz is launching a Terry’s Chocolate Orange mayo

      I have only one word, seriously. As mash up foods go, Heinz and Terry’s Chocolate Orange mayo is up there. Heinz recommends spreading the condiment on toast, brioche, crumpets and pancakes – and even adding it to Christmas desserts. It will not be available in North America. The United Kingdom can keep this one.

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      Poutine in a cone

        La Petite Dînette is a Montreal restaurant that serves poutine cones. Vietnamese restaurateur Peter Nguyen is the mad genius behind the poutine cone. Can you believe it, there is a bacon poutine cone?

        spam museum 1

        Did you know there is a SPAM museum?

          Monty Python made SPAM popular because of the televised show in 1970 written by Terry Jones and Michael Palin. The repetitive menu offerings of SPAM made the sketch one of their most popular sketches 50 years ago. Did you know there is a museum dedicated exclusively to SPAM? They have a SPAMbassador as a job title. How cool is that?

          planters inn 1

          Go Nuts! The MR. PEANUT Character Is Renting His Iconic NUTMOBILE Vehicle To Overnight Guests For First Time Ever

            For the first time ever, the iconic NUTMOBILE vehicle will transform into the nuttiest living quarters that transports you into an overnight, immersive PLANTERS® brand experience, of course, filled with plenty of PLANTERS brand products for guests to enjoy. The stay also includes a $1,500 travel stipend and can-nut-miss activities where guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Minnesota. The best part? This one-of-a-kind, the nutty stay is available for $3.59, the cost of a jar of PLANTERS peanuts.

            Borborygmus 1

            It’s a Gas: Borborygmus

              Yes, it’s embarrassing when your stomach starts to rumble. What is the technical term for when your stomach starts to act up and seems to want to strike up a conversation with the outside world? The answer would be, Borborygmus, which is pronounced [bor·br·ig·muhs].

              tyromancy 1

              What is Tyromancy?

                Tyromancy is the practice of predicting the future with cheese. Derived from the Greek (turos) (cheese) and manteia (divination), Tyromancy or Tiromancy is the art of divining the past, present and the future by interpreting omens found in cheese.