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Smell Like KFC: Behold the Perfume Fragrance “Eau D’uardo”!

    Smell Like KFC: Behold the Perfume Fragrance "Eau D’uardo"!

    Inspired by the hilarious antics of the KFC Spain Twitter account, behold the fragrance phenomenon that is “Eau D’uardo“! The Spanish branch of KFC has just unveiled its latest olfactory creation—a unisex perfume that captures the essence of the renowned global brand’s irresistible fried chicken aroma. This unisex scent comes packaged in a bottle that’s not-so-subtly shaped like everyone’s favorite finger-lickin’ good chicken drumstick.

    Picture this: a promotional campaign that’s the lovechild of a KFC meme and high-end fragrance ads. Developed in cahoots with the brilliant minds at PS21 creative agency, the campaign takes you on a whimsical journey. Imagine a couple gallivanting through the sandy dunes of Maspalomas in the Canary Islands, embracing the essence of true chicken-chic luxury. And, because no epic tale is complete without a touch of absurdity, a majestic white horse joins the adventure in the promotional video.

    Short of dousing yourself in a bucket of chicken grease, capturing the tantalizing aroma of KFC’s heavenly, golden-brown masterpieces—imbued with the clandestine concoction of Colonel Sanders’ legendary 11 herbs and spices—is no easy feat. It’s a fragrance quest that goes beyond the casual stroll in the proverbial park.

    In a world where fragrance meets fowl, “Eau D’uardo” is the aromatic masterpiece that leaves you smelling like a blend of sophistication and fried chicken goodness. Because who says fragrance can’t be finger-lickin’ fabulous?