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Texas Testicle Festival, eat ’em battered, fried, or grilled

    texas testicles

    Have you ever tried Rocky Mountain oysters or Texas Testicles? Come join the Texas Testicle Festival. The fest will be taking place in the city of Fredericksburg, TX, this Saturday, January 14, 2023. Do they serve these in Yellowstone ranch? I was told that people will have a ball at the festival!

    Rocky Mountain oysters or mountain oysters, meatballs, also known as prairie oysters in Canada, are a dish made of bull testicles. The organs are often deep-fried after being skinned, coated in flour, pepper and salt, and sometimes pounded flat. This delicacy is most often served as an appetizer.

    Texas Testicles Battered, Fried in tender love! Beer. Spirits. Wine. Lots of other great food options as well.

    Local Music and great food underlie the planning for this event, including the Rocky Mountain oysters. Paired nicely with some adult beverages (and a little bit of friendly ribbing), these things go down like butter! Other delicacies such as Bankersmith’s World Famous Hamburgers, pork sandwiches, and big juicy ribeye steaks can also be found at the Testicle Bash, so you absolutely won’t leave hungry regardless of your tastes.