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World’s Largest Potato Masher Found in Plover, Wisconsin

    The world's largest potato masher is a permanent fixture at the Food + Farm Exploration Center in Plover, Wisconsin, which educates visitors about agriculture.

    The world’s largest potato masher stands proudly as a permanent fixture at the Food + Farm Exploration Center in Plover, Wisconsin, where it plays a pivotal role in educating visitors about agriculture. Similar to how the Statue of Liberty symbolizes New York City’s welcoming embrace to the New World, this colossal potato masher serves as a beacon, greeting visitors as they arrive at this educational hub.

    Standing at an impressive height of 38 feet and 11 inches and weighing a substantial 7,500 pounds, it holds the distinction of being the largest potato masher globally, showcasing the monumental scale of agricultural innovation and history. This colossal tribute not only celebrates the agriculture industry but also pays homage to the dedication of growers, innovators, and consumers alike, all in a captivating and enjoyable manner. Come witness this remarkable attraction firsthand and don’t forget to capture a memorable masher selfie to commemorate your visit!

    The history of mashed potatoes dates back to ancient times in the Americas, where various Indigenous peoples, including the Incas, favored mashed preparations of potatoes. The modern recipe for mashed potatoes is often attributed to events in the 18th century; some claim that in 1771, France’s Antoine Parmentier held a competition to explore innovative potato dishes that championed the potato as a food of the common people. He hosted dinners at which potato dishes featured prominently and guests included Benjamin Franklin and Antoine Lavoisier