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Tony Medeiros

panera double bowl 1

Panera double bread bowl

    Double your pleasure with Panera’s double bowl. I know it’s a bread with two holes. Nothing to get excited about. Now you can fill your bread bowl with soups and mac & cheese. The only problem, the double bowl in only available in the test market of Philadelphia between August 5 and August 31.

    snorting condoms 1

    Eating disorderly: Teens prefer snorting condoms to eating Tide Pods

      Teens eat strange things. The latest craze is eating Tide Pods. That is so yesterday already. When asked, teens say they prefer snorting condoms. The “Condom Challenge” consists of sticking a condom up your nostril, inhaling it then pulling it out of your mouth. Come again? I do not think this is how we practice safe sex.

      lick your face lollipop 1

      Lick your very own life-size face lollipops

        Food trends come and go. Here is one from the weird side. You can have a custom made life-size lollipop of your face. This is too easy. There is a sucker born every day or in this case, made every day. The Face Licker takes about 7-10 working days to create. Depending on which part of the world you are in, it will set up back about $56.00 (£39.99) on the average. Just out of curiosity is the face the only body parts being made? Just asking.

        walmart pizza slice 1

        Walmart’s new pizza in a bag featuring Pepperoni Jerky

          Walmart is launching a new pizza slice concept. The pizza comes in a bag shaped like a traditional slice of pizza. It will be available in three flavors with pepperoni jerky. The suggested price will be $3.98 each.
          1-Pepperoni Pizza Style: Traditional pepperoni pizza flavors.
          2-Supreme Pizza Style: A meaty take on an Italian-inspired pie.
          3-Buffalo Pizza Style: A hot and spicy pie in the shape of a slice.

          TwoFoods Food Comparison 1

          Donuts are healthier than muffins

            Can it be that a sugar donut is healthier than a plain muffin? The calorie count is much higher on a plain muffin than a sugar donut. TwoFoods: Food Comparison is a nifty tool to compare two foods side by side to see exactly how they stand up to each other. A plain generic muffin has a whopping 1909 calories, while a sugar raised donut from Dunkin’ Donuts has an average of 230 calories. Very surprising. So it’s time to go do battle and let your body win when you compare foods side by side.

            the peanuts munchtime cookbook cover 1

            The Peanuts Munchtime Cookbook

              Peanuts is a merchandising juggernaut. This is not the first time that Peanuts printed a cookbook. Food has always played a significant role in the Peanuts’ universe. The Peanuts Munchtime Cookbook is a treat for fans of all ages. It is beautifully put together by Weldon Owen publishing with easy recipes and luscious art that your eyes can munch on.

              cheesy shampoo and bacon conditioner 1

              Smell fresh like cheese and bacon

                Nothing like washing your air with cheese shampoo and conditioning it with bacon conditioner. People might start asking you if you had a McDonald’s breakfast before going to work. The duo set is brought to you by Einstein Bros., the bagel guys. You can get the set when you purchase Cheesy Wakin’ Bacon sandwich. As long as you do not smell like lox, then all is good.

                poutine dessert ice cream 1

                Ice-cream poutine dessert drizzled with chocolate sauce

                  This is sacrilegious! Poutine dessert with ice-cream. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream poutine. Swiss Chalet, a Canadian chicken rotisserie restaurant chain has unleashed the mother of all desserts. The fries are hand-cut golden potatoes and topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

                  Lobster and Waffles with Syrup 1

                  Lobsters on waffles

                    There is no waffling in the restaurant business. KFC introduced their Waffle Double Down sandwich last week. Red Lobster has a Cheddar Bay Biscuit waffle topped with a buttermilk fried lobster tail dish.

                    hamburger helper hand 1

                    Mascot: Hamburger Helper Helping Hand

                      Hamburger Helper mascot must be the most famous left-hander. He was introduced in 1977. He is also known as the Helping Hand or “Lefty.” The mascot was created because of lagging sales. Sales took off right after the commercials aired. It’s estimated that more than 1 million households eat Hamburger Helper for dinner each weeknight.
                      Chris Parnell from Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock has been the voice of Hamburger Helper Hand since 2010.

                      pork pillow 1

                      Life-like personality pillow that looks like a pig

                        People are strange. Image your head resting on a life-size pig on a spit pillow. This glistening shiny pillow is quite unique and disgusting at the same time. Are these pillows Rocky Balboa approved? You want to look away but at the same time are intrigued. These pillows are quite soft. I will buy one when pigs fly.
                        If that does not grab you, you can buy pillows in shapes of pizza, chicken legs and thighs, and other foods.

                        coke as cleaning agent

                        Cleaning with Coca-Cola

                          Move over Mr. Clean, here are 7 things you can clean with Coca-Cola. Now just imagine if it can do these things around the house. What does it do to your stomach?
                          Clean the toilet bowl.
                          Remove grease stains from clothing.
                          Remove baked-on grease from pots and pans.
                          Remove corrosion from car battery terminals.
                          Restore shine to coins and jewelry.
                          Strip rust from nuts, bolts, and tools.
                          Remove bugs from a dirty windshield.