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Tony Medeiros

Lobster and Waffles with Syrup 1

Lobsters on waffles

    There is no waffling in the restaurant business. KFC introduced their Waffle Double Down sandwich last week. Red Lobster has a Cheddar Bay Biscuit waffle topped with a buttermilk fried lobster tail dish.

    hamburger helper hand 1

    Mascot: Hamburger Helper Helping Hand

      Hamburger Helper mascot must be the most famous left-hander. He was introduced in 1977. He is also known as the Helping Hand or “Lefty.” The mascot was created because of lagging sales. Sales took off right after the commercials aired. It’s estimated that more than 1 million households eat Hamburger Helper for dinner each weeknight.
      Chris Parnell from Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock has been the voice of Hamburger Helper Hand since 2010.

      pork pillow 1

      Life-like personality pillow that looks like a pig

        People are strange. Image your head resting on a life-size pig on a spit pillow. This glistening shiny pillow is quite unique and disgusting at the same time. Are these pillows Rocky Balboa approved? You want to look away but at the same time are intrigued. These pillows are quite soft. I will buy one when pigs fly.
        If that does not grab you, you can buy pillows in shapes of pizza, chicken legs and thighs, and other foods.

        coke as cleaning agent

        Cleaning with Coca-Cola

          Move over Mr. Clean, here are 7 things you can clean with Coca-Cola. Now just imagine if it can do these things around the house. What does it do to your stomach?
          Clean the toilet bowl.
          Remove grease stains from clothing.
          Remove baked-on grease from pots and pans.
          Remove corrosion from car battery terminals.
          Restore shine to coins and jewelry.
          Strip rust from nuts, bolts, and tools.
          Remove bugs from a dirty windshield.

          slice of sauce 1

          Slice of Sauce: A Better way to sauce

            Imagine ketchup in slices. Slice of Sauce from the upstart company, Bo’s Fine Foods, is a new way of looking at condiments as we know it. It’s about time ketchup catches up with the 21st century with a new innovative way to sauce. No more ripping condiment sachets with your teeth. No more messes.

            how to eat pizza by jon burgerman 1

            How to eat pizza

              Think it is easy to eat a reluctant pizza? Jon Burgerman illustrates a fun book for kids called “How to eat Pizza.” It’s the story of a slice of pizza that does not want to be eaten. Well, it is not a piece of cake as you will see.

              doctor pepper 1

              Branded: How did Dr Pepper get its name?

                A pharmacist named Charles Alderton created Dr. Pepper in 1885. Alderton worked at a drugstore in Waco, Texas, owned by Wade Morrison. Legend has it that Morrison named it “Dr. Pepper” after the father of a young girl he was once in love with.

                SalmonBellySashimi 1

                Getting mushy: Choke-proof food for Japanese elderly

                  Did you know that in Japan more people die from choking on food than from car accidents? Scientists are making choke proof food in Japan to help stop the epidemic.
                  “Engay is Japanese for “swallowing”, something that can become increasingly difficult as people age: more Japanese now die each year from choking than in traffic accidents.”

                  star wars easter eggs

                  Star Wars: Porg-fect Easter eggs

                    These Star Wars inspired porgs colored eggs should be a hit in the galaxy this Easter. Just in case, the eggs are Wookiee approved. They are too cute to eat.

                    cultured beef 1 scaled

                    Bill Gates and Richard Branson bet against the farm with in lab-grown meat investments

                      Follow the money. Bill Gates and Richard Branson are investing in lab-grown meat companies. Traditionally it takes more than 38 pounds of feed and 1,799 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef. Scientists predict that by the year 2050, earth’s population will reach 9.6 billion. Agriculture accounts for nearly 51 percent of gas emissions. There is no way that there will be enough meat for everybody.