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Tony Medeiros

honey smacks 1

Kellogg’s Honey Smacks: Worst sugary cereal

    At one time Honey Smacks were called Sugar Smacks and for a good reason. Throughout the years Honey Smacks has been voted the worst cereal because of the high content of sugar. A whopping 55.6% average of sugar is found in each box. A one-cup serving of Honey Smacks packs more sugar than a Hostess Twinkie.

    boca burger 1

    Kraft Heinz flipping for Boca Burgers

      The vegetarian Boca Burger debuted as the Sun Burger in a Boca Raton, Florida, restaurant in 1979. Kraft Heinz is hoping you will pardon the pun that you will flip over new new all American veggie burger. It’s two times the size of a regular Boca Burger. The new revitalized burger will appeal also to meat eating consumers looking for a healthier choice.
      “Texture will carry the flavor, so we felt if it was too mushy, too watery, then the flavor got bland and boring.” “We worked with our flavor houses to redevelop the flavor for the whole line.” – Sergio Eleuterio, the Kraft Heinz Co.

      why do brown eggs cost more 1 1

      Why do brown eggs cost more than white eggs and are they healthier

        Brown eggs and white eggs are, nutritionally are exactly the same: about 70 calories, 6 grams of protein, and lots of of B vitamins. The only difference is that brown feathered chickens lay brown eggs. Farmers claim to feed them more and pass the buck onto the consumer. It’s all about perception, consumers think they are getting a healthier egg because of an inflated price on brown eggs. Size does matter in this equation, brown feathered chicken are bigger and require more nourishment than a smaller chicken that lays a white egg. The only other factor that might come into play would be what the farmer is feeding his chickens. At the end of the day there is not much difference but the hit on your pocketbook.

        ChefJet edible food printer 1

        From pixels to plate: Is 3D food printing the future

          It is almost like a food replicator as seen on Star Trek. Now you can print edible 3D food from a printer that looks like a giant microwave. The ChefJet printer can replicate intricate geometric 3D food designs. Is this the food of the future?

          whats for dinner tonight tarot cards 1

          What’s for dinner tonight? Let the Tarot cards decide your stomach’s fate

            Have you had one of those days when you did not know what to make for supper? Let the Fates decide your next meal. Food Fortunes is a playful take on tarot that helps you answer the question, “What’s for dinner tonight?” This is a deck of 78 illustrated cards and a 16 page booklet including a mystical backstory and instructions on how to divine a meal from the spirit realm.

            doomsday kits costco 1

            Costco Selling Doomsday Kits

              It’s the end of the world as we know it. Has doomsday been on your mind lately? Perhaps a natural disaster on the horizon? Fret not, Costco has you covered. They are selling “Doomsday Kits” just in case you need to survive Armageddon. The kits are called “Chef’s Banquet Emergency Food Kit ARK.” They come on a pallet that sells for a whopping $6499.99. It includes 12,060 total servings. They also have the “In Case Of – 1-year 4-person Emergency Food Storage Kit” for $8,499.99. Wonder what is the return policy for these items. Costco has been selling these survival products since 2010, but recently there has been a spike on apocalyptic anxiety with recent global tensions around the world.

              kelp jerky

              Richard Branson likes kelp jerky: The next meat-alternative snack

                They are combing the sea to find food alternatives for the future. Behold, kelp jerky from upstart company Akua, they claim that their kelp is 100% vegan. Kelp (Saccharina latissima) is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, and is a source of calcium, as well as copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. The kelp snack comes in three flavors: sea salt and sesame with hints of nori, “High Thai’d” (geddit?) with tumeric and coconut, and rosemary “BBQ” with a touch of maple.

                salmon heart shape cake 1

                Thailand catering company creates heart-shaped cake made out of salmon sushi

                  This cake is completely made out of salmon sashimi on the exterior, filled with rice in the interior, and topped off with fish eggs. Yummy! This sushi cake might not be everybody’s cup of tea. The visual stunning cake is made by Kouen Sushi Bar in Bangkok, Thailand. Wonder if they use fish-sticks as candles?

                  sea more products 1

                  Seamore Seaweed pasta

                    Seaweed is popping out everywhere lately. Seamore is a Netherlands company that wants to see more of their products in your home. They make bacon, wraps and pasta out of seaweed. No wonder Captain Nemo was able to live underwater for long periods of time. He was harvesting seaweed and transforming it into bacon, wraps and pasta.
                    Seamore is turning to crowdfunding to help bring their products to market. They are already in 750 stores in 6 countries. From sea to sea, you will soon be seeing Seamore seaweed products.