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The Not-So-Secret History of Little Green Sprout

    Little Green Sprout made his initial appearance in commercials described as being “approximately the dimensions of a twig.” His arrival ushered a wave of initiatives aimed at acquainting children with the world of nutritious vegetables.

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    McDonald’s character collectibles in Funko POP! Ad Icons

      Funko POP! is lovin’ it with their line of McDonald’s icon characters consisting of Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, the Fry Kids, Officer Big Mac, and Mayor McCheese. Also included in the collection are various McNugget characters like Cowboy McNugget, Fireman McNugget, Rockstar McNugget, and Tennis McNugget.

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      Charlie The Tuna O-fish-ially Turns 60-Years Young

        Legendary StarKist mascot Charlie the Tuna has been winning over consumers with his good taste for 60 years. The brand is commemorating the occasion with a celebration that features a special underwater-themed cake, shout-outs from some of Charlie’s favorite friends, and interactive social media opportunities for fans.

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        Origin of St-Hubert BBQ Restaurant Rooster Mascot

          Did you know that the St-Hubert BBQ Restaurant Rooster mascot was created by Walt Disney animator, Jack Dunham? He is famous for his stint as an animator’s assistant, in the film Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. In 1955, he moved to Canada to create both animated and live-action commercials in Toronto and Montreal.

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          Mascot: Tony the Tiger

            Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes of Corn was introduced in 1952. Kellogg’s ran a contest with the introduction of the cereal. They wanted the consumer to pick the official mascot for their cereal. In the running were Katy the Kangaroo, Elmo the Elephant, Newt the Gnu and Tony the Tiger. It was a fierce battle, but a year later Tony the Tiger was victorious. The original voice of Tony the Tiger was Dallas McKennon who also voiced Gumby and the original Snap, Crackle and Pop voices for Rice Krispies.

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            Mascot: Hamburger Helper Helping Hand

              Hamburger Helper mascot must be the most famous left-hander. He was introduced in 1977. He is also known as the Helping Hand or “Lefty.” The mascot was created because of lagging sales. Sales took off right after the commercials aired. It’s estimated that more than 1 million households eat Hamburger Helper for dinner each weeknight.
              Chris Parnell from Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock has been the voice of Hamburger Helper Hand since 2010.

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              Famous Food Mascots: Pillsbury Doughboy

                The Pillsbury Doughboy giggled into pop culture on March 18, 1965. Paul Frees (voiceover actor for Boris Badenov in “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”) was the first voice actor for the mascot.