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A&W now Rooty will wear pants hilarious troll fools Fox

    A&W now Rooty will wear pants

    A&W pulled the wool over someone’s eyes at Fox News and other media outlets. A parody of the recent mishap at M&M’s woke campaign sparked the creative juices at A&W. Rooty was trending after the company released a tongue-in-cheek statement saying that Rooty would start wearing pants. This is brilliant, A&W had to reiterate online that it was a joke. In other news, Yogi Bear will still wear a tie and hat. He refuses to wear pants.

    Fun Fact: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bob Seger wrote portions of “Night Moves” at a Michigan A&W drive-in. The classic hit is among the “500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll,” according to the museum.