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The Halifax Oyster Festival mascot(s)

    Who knew that there were over 15 types of oysters. I love the mascot(s) of the Halifax Oyster Festival. It’s like something out of the 60s Outer Limits or leftover monsters from Stranger Things. I did not realize that oysters are several eyes on their shells. I have a suspicious feeling that this is the potato mascot from Prince Edward Island Potato Blossom Festival masquerading as an oyster.

    So do oysters have many eyes?  Yes, these marine creatures have eyes all over their bodies that allow them to escape their predators.

    Almost all oysters start out their lives as males, but as they grow larger, many of them will switch genders. However, they do not have mustaches.

    Halifax Oyster Festival is the biggest oyster event in Canada. The festival spans 3 tasting sessions with 15+ different oyster farms from Atlantic Canada.

    Just in case you are in the area you can the 6th Annual Halifax Oyster Festival, on September 23, 24, 2022. Sample Atlantic Canadian oysters, craft brew, wine & spirits on the Halifax Waterfront with three ticketed sessions running Friday 7-10 pm, and Saturday 2-5 pm and 7-10 pm. Early Bird tickets are on sale now.