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Origin of St-Hubert BBQ Restaurant Rooster Mascot

    Did you know that the St-Hubert BBQ Restaurant Rooster mascot was created by Walt Disney animator, Jack Dunham?  He is famous for his stint as an animator’s assistant, in the film Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.  In 1955, he moved to Canada to create both animated and live-action commercials in Toronto and Montreal.

    According to legend, the artist was offered free chicken for life for his logo work.  Jack never ate a piece of rotisserie chicken.  He died on March 15, 2009, at the age of 98.

    “An article in the Montreal Gazette in March 2006 revealed that Dunham and his wife, Dorothy Stewart, a former fashion model, were homeless following their eviction from their Montreal apartment in February 2006. The Gazette reported, “Social service agencies are trying to place the couple in a care facility, but that could take a while.” Dunham and his wife, who had been married for 51 years at the time, were taken to the St. Luc Hospital to live following the publication of the article. Their move to the government-run hospital was reportedly against the couple’s will. Jack and Dorothy escaped from the facility, but were found by police in Ottawa and returned.”

    Fun Fact: Laetiporus, a mushroom that grows in the wild tastes nearly the same as chicken/fried chicken. It is also known as “fried chicken mushroom”.