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Tim Hortons Introducing Biebs Brew and tim biebs 1

Introducing Biebs Brew! The much-anticipated next collab between Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons is a co-created French Vanilla-flavoured Cold Brew coffee

    Celeb brand promotion with your favourite eating establishment is gaining popularity with their core audience. It is not just name lending. Celebrities like Justin Bieber with the help of Tim Horton’s marketing department are creating unique food options. Timbiebs were such a great success that they are coming back with a new offering called Biebs Brew. Fans and the curious will gravitate to the line of Biebs this June 6th. Biebs Brew is sure to repeat the success of Timbiebs.

    colonel sanders 1

    Why did Colonel Sanders only wear white suits?

      Colonel Sanders did at one time wear black suits. He was very messy in the kitchen with flour, so he changed his suit for a white one. Presto! No more mess. The colonel owned many white suits. He rarely appeared in public without wearing one of his white suits, and over the years a small number of them have appeared at auction. One of his suits sold at an auction for a whopping $80,000.

      BurgerKingPregnancyWhopper.jpg 1

      Burger King Germany introduces bizarre menu that features Pregnancy Whoppers

        Burger King Germany’s brand new menu might be a bit too late for April Fools’ Day. These burger combos would make any pregnant woman happy. Not so much for the rest of the population. Let me assure you, these burgers are real. The nine lovingly crafted burger abominations have captured the imagination of the rest of the world. Seems you can now eat your cake and burger too! The Cake and Beef Whopper looks tempting.

        buffalo ranch sandwich 1

        Popeyes drops new Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich

          Popeyes broke the internet when it dropped the iconic Chicken Sandwich in 2019, and today, the brand announces it is back with another iteration of its viral product. Starting today, the new Popeyes Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich will be available in restaurants nationwide at only $4.99.