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Bucket List: McDonald’s and Burger King Offer New Halloween Buckets

    Hold onto your pumpkin spice lattes, because the Boo Buckets are staging a comeback at the Golden Arches! That’s right, folks, starting on October 17th, you can get your spooky groove on at any participating McDonald’s across the nation. This Halloween season, it’s all about embracing the eerie, and McDonald’s is here to help you do it in style. They’ve conjured up not one, not two, not even three, but four brand-new Halloween Happy Meal designs for your spine-tingling pleasure – say hello to Monster, Skeleton, Mummy, and Vampire!

    These Halloween-themed Happy Meal buckets are hitting the scene for the first time since the days of the original purple Boo Bucket, and it’s a graveyard smash. Trust us; you won’t want to miss out on this cryptic collection. But, here’s the catch, they’re going to vanish faster than a ghost when you turn on the lights. So, if you’re dying to get your hands on one of these frightfully fun pails, make a beeline to your local McDonald’s before they disappear into thin air. Your Halloween spirit, and your nuggets, will thank you!

    The “Trick-or-Heat” bucket from BK is coming for McDonald’s Boo Bucket.

    Burger King has officially announced its entry into the Halloween bucket scene in a limited-time capacity, and they’re not afraid to compete head-to-head with McDonald’s Boo Buckets, which traditionally grace their stores at the beginning of October.

    Starting on the eerily fitting date of October 13, a.k.a. Friday the 13th, select Burger King outlets in specific metropolitan areas are set to unleash a unique limited-edition “Trick-or-Heat” bucket that has a fantastic glow-in-the-dark quality. These buckets take their inspiration from Burger King’s ghost pepper menu items, which are set to hit the menu just a day prior. And the best part? You can get your hands on one of these spine-tingling buckets for just a single dollar with any purchase in the following cities: Nashville, Tennessee; Las Vegas, Nevada; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a Halloween bucket showdown, and we’re all invited to the party!