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Taking fresh dining to new heights: Subway’s ‘Subway in the Sky’ soars into culinary innovation

    Subway's 'Subway in the Sky' soars into culinary innovation

    Subway has just introduced a groundbreaking dining adventure known as the “Subway in the Sky,” marking an exhilarating culmination of their recent Eat Fresh Refresh campaign. This extraordinary experience invites diners to ascend into the heavens aboard a blimp, offering a breathtaking perspective on Subway’s remarkable journey of transformation since 2021. Commencing on September 1st, this venture promises to elevate the concept of fresh dining to unprecedented heights.

    Subway's 'Subway in the Sky' soars into culinary innovation

    The focal point of this unique airborne restaurant is a colossal sub sandwich named “The Beast,” which was unveiled in July as part of Subway’s Deli Hero sub lineup. This behemoth of a sandwich features an impressive half-pound of freshly sliced meat, symbolizing Subway’s commitment to serving only the freshest and most delectable ingredients. But what truly sets the “Subway in the Sky” apart is the ingenious transformation of the blimp’s gondola into a floating restaurant. This innovation allows up to six avid sandwich enthusiasts to relish their favorite Subway creations while soaring among the clouds. It’s a culinary experience like no other, combining the thrill of flight with the satisfaction of enjoying a classic Subway sandwich.

    The “Subway in the Sky” adventure will make scheduled stops in various cities across the United States during its September journey. These cities include Kansas City, Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami. Each day, a fortunate group of up to 40 Subway enthusiasts will have the unique opportunity to embark on a sandwich-themed “flight” within the blimp, savoring all four delicious Deli Hero subs while floating gracefully 1,000 feet above the Earth’s surface. For those eager to secure a seat on this airborne culinary delight and to access comprehensive flight details, please visit

    Subway's 'Subway in the Sky' soars into culinary innovation

    Below is the complete itinerary for the blimp’s tour:

    • Kansas City: September 5-7
    • Atlanta: September 13-14
    • Orlando: September 19-20
    • Miami: September 24 and 26

    In addition to the “Subway in the Sky” experiences, Subway is offering fans a thrilling opportunity to win a trip to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas through an online game called “Subway in the Sky.” To participate, individuals can visit or scan a QR code at their local Subway restaurant. By spinning the blimp-themed slot machine daily, participants can enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win the coveted Super Bowl trip. Additionally, each spin unlocks the potential for special discounts on Deli Hero subs, such as $5.99 footlongs or a 15% discount.

    I think the only logical next promotion is to “Subway Under Water” campaign where you dine in a submarine.