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How to Cut Up a Huge Lego Salmon

    In this captivating ASMR stop-motion cooking presentation, an exceptionally skilled chef embarks on a mesmerizing culinary journey by meticulously disassembling a remarkably large Lego salmon, ultimately crafting a delectable salmon and rice bowl.

    nyc subway food map

    The New York City sub-culinary map

      Rick Meyerowitz & Maira Kalman made an elaborate map version of the NYC subway where the names of all the stations and landmarks were replaced with food names.

      Dinner in Europe 1

      When do people eat dinner in Europe?

        This map by @loverofgeography shows what time Europeans have dinner. Spain and Portugal have supper very late in the day. The northern countries seem to eat very early. Personally, I am an early eater.

        the new yorker 1

        Diana Ejaita’s “Tastes of Home”

          Here is some food for thought for this Thanksgiving. The latest cover by Diana Ejaita of The New Yorker celebrates diversity for Thanksgiving. Her mother is Italian and your dad is Nigerian which makes Thanksgiving a special occasion.

          white rock psyche2 1

          The History of White Rock’s Psyche Mascot

            The 40s were a magical time for White Rock’s exhibitionist pixie, Psyche. White Rock’s topless “Tinkerbell” proudly showed her breasts till new management in 1952 and Psyche’s breasts were no longer on public display. The Goddess of purity was created in 1893. In the 40s all bets were off with her new ads and so was her top. She got a lot of men in hot water that they needed White Rock Sprinkling Water to cool down.

            draw ketchup 1

            Heinz Draw Ketchup

              We (Heinz Canada) anonymously asked people all over the world to “draw ketchup.” The result? They all drew Heinz. Now you can win a custom bottle of your own. Find out more at

              coca cola santa claus 1

              Did Coca-Cola invent Santa Claus?

                Coca-Cola did not create the legend of Santa Claus. But Coca-Cola advertising did play a big role in shaping the jolly character we know today.