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Noshi edible organic food paint is the latest rage

    When I was young, I was taught not to play with my food. However, nowadays, parents have a different perspective and encourage their children to explore their creativity with their meals. Tomo Delaney, a business owner, recognizes this common challenge and was inspired to create Noshi, a food paint for kids made from organic fruit purees.

    In an episode of “Shark Tank,” season 14, episode 12, Delaney’s story of creating Noshi serves as a valuable lesson in dedication and determination that parents worldwide can learn from. Delaney was presented with an opportunity by Mark Cuban, who offered $250,000 for 25% equity. Delaney eagerly accepted the offer and even hugged Cuban to seal the deal. The product has been improved with the guidance of Cuban and is now available for purchase on both Walmart and Amazon. The product is in high demand and is currently only available on Amazon.

    Noshi is designed for millennial parents who have a more relaxed approach to mealtime than previous generations. Instead of enforcing strict rules and making children stay at the table until they finish their food, Noshi caters to the modern approach that younger parents are using, which is more “laissez-faire.”

    Noshi aims to empower children during mealtime and not to cure picky eaters. It’s intended to prevent conflicts and create a more enjoyable dining experience. While it may seem innovative, there is scientific evidence that supports the idea that making mealtime fun instead of removing unwanted food or replacing it with kid-friendly options can encourage picky eaters to consume a broader range of food (as stated by the Association for Behavior Analysis International).