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Salvador Dali found an artistic approach to eating free at restaurants

    Some people may sing for their supper, but Dali had a more ingenious approach. Despite his fame as an artist, he didn’t rely on all-access passes to indulge in upscale dining experiences. Instead, he used his artistic prowess to his advantage and found a way to avoid settling the bills. During these lavish dinners, Dali ingeniously extended an open invitation to his companions, tempting them to partake in the culinary offerings to their heart’s content. Needless to say, no one could resist his enticement.

    As the meal reached its satisfying culmination and the moment of reckoning arrived, Dali craftily composed a check payable to the restaurant. However, rather than appending his signature on the reverse, he would adorn it with a spontaneous and whimsical doodle. This unconventional strategy was born from his shrewd understanding that an establishment would be hesitant to encash a check embellished with a distinctive Salvador Dali sketch. Evidently, Dali’s masterful manipulation of the fine dining scene yielded resounding success, ultimately leading to the establishment of a formidable reputation for his avant-garde approach to settling bills.

    Fun Fact: One of Dalí’s favorite dishes was bouillabaisse, a traditional fish stew from the Provence region of France. He enjoyed extravagant and theatrical meals, often with elaborate presentations and artistic elements. Dalí’s enthusiasm for unique and creative experiences extended to his culinary choices.