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eat like a Maisel the unofficial cookbook for fans of the marvelous Mrs Maisel 1

Eat Like a Maisel by Anthony LeDonne

    I am a big fan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel from Amazon Studios. At some point, you get the feeling that the show is not only about comedy but also about the Jewish food experience. So you say to yourself, what a great idea to put out a recipe book based on the show. One thing about that is that you cannot sell your book on Amazon. Imagine putting all that hard work into this book and finding out Amazon will not sell your book. Anthony LeDonne and his publisher found out the hard way. Due to legal stuff between his publisher and Amazon Studios, they can’t sell the book.

    MMs Munchums 1

    New M&M’s Munchums

      For a limited time, try M&M’S Munchums Chocolate Baked Snacks and M&M’S Salted Caramel Munchums- something totally new that bridges the world of chocolate and snacking – delivering something for everyone, no matter what you love. We’ve coated a crispy center with rich milk chocolate and then added a unique baked shell. The crunchy, sweet, savory combinations tickle all the right taste buds.

      Alternate names for everyday foods by Nathan Pyle 1

      Better food names for food by Nathan Pyle

        Nathan W. Pyle is a New York Times bestselling cartoonist/author of Strange Planet and Stranger Planet, which depicts a planet of blue beings discussing banal human experiences in technical language. He just released on his Instagram better food names.

        froot loops jelly beans natural fruit colors 1

        Froot Loops Jelly Beans

          Grab these Froot Loops Jelly Beans to complete your Easter celebration! These are the perfect addition to Easter baskets, lunch boxes or that festive Candy bowl! Made by Galerie Candy, and licensed by Kellogg’s, they will be a great treat for all ages. Get them fast cause they will disappear quickly.

          nitro pepsi 1

          PEPSI launches NITRO PEPSI, the first-ever nitrogen-infused cola

            The cola category has been around for over a century. While it’s had its share of flavor and packaging innovation, one thing has remained the same since the category’s inception – the bubbles. Pepsi is taking on its most ambitious feat yet, reimagining the cola experience with a massive innovation – Nitro Pepsi. Nitro Pepsi is the first-ever nitrogen-infused cola that’s actually softer than a soft drink – it’s creamy, smooth and has a mesmerizing cascade of tiny bubbles topped off by a frothy foam head.