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general mills lucky charms cinnamon toast crunch mix cereal 1

General Mills’ New Cinnamon Toast Crunch + Lucky Charms Mix cereal headed to grocery stores

    Cerealously! General Mills is at it again with a mix of their popular cereals. Introducing, Cinnamon Toast Crunch + Lucky Charms Mix cereal. Sorry, there is nothing new here. As a kid, I always combined two different cereals when I did not have enough for a complete bowl. They are available for a limited time. If you enjoy the remix so much you might as well combine them yourself.

    Mega Bites Goldfish 1

    Goldfish introduces new Mega Bites: a bigger, bolder, cheesier reboot of the classic snack

      Goldfish crackers has officially added Goldfish Mega Bites to its portfolio of more than 20 cracker varieties. Mega Bites is a bigger, bolder, cheesier “reboot” of the classic Goldfish that kids of all ages have enjoyed for nearly 60 years. A permanent addition to the Goldfish lineup, Mega Bites are 50 percent larger than regular Goldfish and pack a punch across taste, texture and size. Created specifically with adult consumers in mind, Mega Bites are available in Sharp Cheddar and Cheddar Jalapeño with a touch of heat and deliver a mega indulgent snacking experience with robust flavors and a crispy, flaky texture.

      bagels new york shortage 1

      Cheese shortage affecting N.Y.C. bagel shops

        There is a supply chain crisis that is leading a to a cream cheese shortage in New York City. For a big chunk of my life, I was surrounded by the aroma of fresh bagels. There is nothing heavenly like a warm bagel schmeared with lots of cream cheese. This is certain to get the hoarders out to weaken the supply chain even more. Are we going to be regulated to spreading butter on our bagels? The horror of it all, New Yorkers had to face that they can no longer get one dollar slices of pizza. Now this!

        starbucks food 1

        Starbucks announces new holiday beverages & festive food

          It’s the coziest time of the year with the return of sweater weather and Starbucks holiday beverages and festive food. Beginning Nov. 4, customers can enjoy the Peppermint Mocha (back for its 19th year), the new non-dairy Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte, returning favorite Irish Cream Cold Brew (now available earlier than ever) and handcrafted holiday beverages including the Caramel Brulee Latte, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha and Chestnut Praline Latte. New this year is the Reindeer Cake Pop which joins the Sugar Plum Cheese Danish and other tasty treats including the Cranberry Bliss Bar and Snowman Cookie, all back for another cheerful holiday season.

          kelloggs carnation breakfast essentials froot loops beverage 1

          Carnation Breakfast Essentials: Kellogg’s Flavored Nutritional Drink

            My favourite part of eating cereal has always been drinking the sugar-laced milk at the end when you finished all the cereal. Kellogg’s Froot Loops has always been great tasting at the end, why not release milk in a bottle that tastes just like Froot Loops. Follow my nose, it knows. Carnation wants you to enjoy the milky part of breakfast cereal without the cereal.

            vandal speakeasy mtl art 1

            Montreal restaurant encourages vandalism in its establishment

              Imagine if your restaurant was vandalized by local graffiti artists in a trendy part of Montreal. That would be disastrous for a business owner. That is exactly what happened to “Le Speakeasy” in Montreal. It is discouraging for business owners to have their place of work vandalized. Nicolas Delrieu, of “Le Speakeasy” invited the graffiti artists back to sprawl street art all over the establishment. The restaurant is now called Vandale which is vandal in English. I really love the Banksy-inspired mural of Anthony Bourdain. Their phoenix slogan when you enter the site, “burn it to the ground” is ballsy for an eating establishment. Then again Vandale caters to a different type of clientele.

              Kellogg Company   Addams Family 1

              The Breakfast Table Gets Kookier This Halloween With ‘The Addams Family 2’-Inspired Kellogg’s Cereals and Snacks

                Ahead of the theatrical release of MGM’s highly anticipated animated sequel “The Addams Family 2” on Oct. 1, Kellogg Company is teaming up with the iconic studio to bring fans a new way to experience their favorite macabre clan: breakfast. This July, the creepy, kooky and mysteriously spooky Addams Family is joining the breakfast table and beyond with “The Addams Family 2”-inspired cereals and snacks and in-pack giveaways of the first animated Addams Family movie.