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Goldfish introduces new Mega Bites: a bigger, bolder, cheesier reboot of the classic snack


    Goldfish crackers have officially added Goldfish Mega Bites to its portfolio of more than 20 cracker varieties. Mega Bites is a bigger, bolder, cheesier “reboot” of the classic Goldfish that kids of all ages have enjoyed for nearly 60 years. A permanent addition to the Goldfish lineup, Mega Bites are 50 percent larger than regular Goldfish and pack a punch across taste, texture and size. Created specifically with adult consumers in mind, Mega Bites are available in Sharp Cheddar and Cheddar Jalapeño with a touch of heat and deliver a mega indulgent snacking experience with robust flavors and a crispy, flaky texture.

    Goldfish were first introduced to the United States in 1962 and originally offered as a snack to be served with cocktails, showing up at local watering holes, pubs, bowling alleys, dinner parties and more. The crackers grew to such popularity that they were even taken to space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in 1988. Goldfish became a very popular kids’ snack when smiles were added to many flavors in 1997. As Goldfish continues to innovate and introduce new flavors, the crackers remain a staple in households (and lunch boxes) across America.

    In recent years, Goldfish consumption has shifted, with adults consuming 40 percent of all Goldfish sold. Goldfish developed Mega Bites as a bold new solution to satisfy the adult-sized cravings of these longtime Goldfish fans.

    “This is the first time Goldfish has created a snacking experience specifically with ‘Grown Up’ tastes in mind,” said Janda Lukin, Chief Marketing Officer of Campbell Snacks. “We’re at the start of a new chapter for the brand and are expanding our offerings and appeal to all age groups—in the college dorm, snacking at your desk, wherever that is these days—while remaining a snack for all families. We’re excited to keep creating bold and playful snacks and experiences.”