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HEB mixed berry lemonade flavored wavy potato chip HEB fried corndog and mustard flavored thin potato chips

H‑E‑B Fried Corn Dog & Mustard Thin Potato Chips and Mixed Berry Lemonade Wavy Potato Chips

    H‑E‑B has two new potato chips for their new line of carnival flavors. These Limited Edition Carnival flavors are an ode to a beautiful day at the fairgrounds—and BONUS PRIZE: no lines! The Fried Corn Dog and Mustard Thin Potato Chip hit on everyone’s favorite carnival craving. With every bite, you get the savory fried goodness you expect with a hint of mustard that continues to build as you enjoy chip after chip. These Limited Edition Carnival flavors are an ode to a beautiful day at the fairgrounds. Mixed Berry Lemonade, anyone??

    Outstanding Foods Chedda Cheese Balls

    Outstanding Foods launches first-ever dairy-free cheese balls

      Outstanding Foods, the addictively delicious and highly nutritious plant-based food brand, is continuing its innovative products that anyone can love with the exciting launch of its new Outstanding Cheese Balls product line that will be unveiled with a new elevated look and feel from the brand.

      ruffles hellmanns

      Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Ruffles flavored chips

        If you are going to sell ketchup chips, why not make mayonnaise chips? You can buy Hellman’s Ruffles in Brazil. The rad tangy condiment combination with potato chips has my taste buds wondering what the taste would feel like in my mouth. I love the Rolling Stones-inspired chip tongue logo.

        Doritos Flamin Hot Cool Ranch 1

        Doritos Unleashes New Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch

          What happens when Doritos takes one of its most iconic flavors and unleashes the heat? Introducing new Doritos Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch Flavored Tortilla Chips, an all-new mash-up that combines the classic Cool Ranch flavor fans love with a spicy, bold crunch. The latest addition to the Flamin’ Hot family, Doritos Flamin’ Hot Cool Ranch is heating up the chip aisle just in time for the holidays.

          illegal chips 1

          Illegal Chips that feature highly exotic flavors

            These limited chips take on three flavors of foods that are banned — Horse Meat (banned in 1847), Fugu Poison Blowfish, and the maggot-filled Casu Marzu Cheese. The fugu flavor has been created alongside Chef Josh Scherer of Mythical Kitchen along with food scientists.

            williwaw salmon skin cracklets2 1

            Williwaw Salmon Skin Cracklets: A Product Born Out Of Friendship

              Talk about having some skin in the game. What started as a pleasure fishing trip spawned into a business. Chilian company Williwaw wants you to know that eating salmon skin is a healthy choice. As most North Americans know, salmon is a well-known source of necessary nutrients for our bodies. Did you the skin that most of us discard is just as healthy? The Chilian company has turned salmon skin into healthy crackers that they call Salmon Skin Cracklets. The Keto-friendly product is a no-brainer for health enthusiasts. On the other hand, convincing people to eat fish skin is a hard sell. The biggest sell here is health and making the earth greener by not discarding the skin as a non-food alternative. The best thing is that the skin is not fried and has no trans fat. Williwaw is swimming against the current but with steady persistence, they will prevail. Once you try Williwaw Salmon Skin Cracklets, you will be hooked.

              pringles glow in the dark can 1

              Pringles Debuts Limited-Edition Glow-in-the-Dark Cans for Halloween

                Pringles ‘Sour Scream & Onion’ and ‘Oooriginal’ Glow-in-the-Dark cans offer snackers the perfect salty treat during a season of so much sweet while doubling as the ultimate spooky centerpiece for any Halloween festivity. Whether you’re looking for a seasonal after-school snack, prepping some fearsome party bites or lining your sidewalk for the ultimate trick-or-treating score, Pringles Glow-in-the-Dark cans shine a little light – and lightheartedness – on your family celebration all season long.

                grilled cheese and tomato soup lays chips 1

                Lay’s Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup chips

                  Lay’s grilled cheese and tomato soup-flavored potato chips are a thing. For a limited time, Lay’s have combined the savory tastes of cheese and tomato. It is sure to be a hit for those craving a little something different. Grilled cheese and tomato soup flavor should be a hit with tangy taste buds.

                  Sea Man Seaweed Chips 1

                  Heine Max Olesen’s Sea Man Seaweed Chips

                    Seaweed products are washing up on store shelves just like the seaweed does on the ocean shores. Heine Max Olesen’s Sea Man Seaweed Chips commissioned Pearlfisher to design new packaging for the company. The art is so appetizing that you tend to forget the chips are made from bladderwrack seaweed. Bladderwrack sounds like a urinary tract infection gone bad.