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The world’s first and only Cheez-It Pump Station

    Kellogg Company Cheez It Stop 1

    Imagine this scenario: You’re driving on a desert highway toward your summer travel destination. You begin to feel hungry and while staring at the road ahead, you spot what appears to be a beacon of your favorite snack, Cheez-It, in the distance. You might think it’s a mirage, but it’s actually the Cheez-It Stop – a huge and cheesy roadside attraction that has become a beloved feature of America’s highways and byways. Cheez-me, please!

    Located deep in the California desert, this 100% real destination invites road trippers to fuel up with their favorite 100% real cheese snack at a first-of-its-kind roadside fill station…and we mean literally. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, the Cheez-It Stop replaces car fuel with snack fuel, boasting the World’s First and Only Cheez-It Pump that literally pumps a stream of Cheez-It bags right into your car window. Why? Because what’s a road trip without Cheez-It crackers to snack on? Not only is it an absurdly delicious invention, but also completely free for visitors.

    Kellogg Company Cheez It Stop 2

    “We know many Cheez-It fans love to travel and they never hit the road without their beloved Cheez-It. We created this brand-first desert outpost to capture the excitement of summer road trips and encourage fans who Want It. Need It. Cheez-It. to fuel up throughout their adventures,” said Erin Storm, brand senior director for Cheez-It. “The Cheez-It Stop will wow with the exclusive merch, massive, sharable Cheez-It visuals and aisles stocked with our famous crackers — we can’t wait to see you there.”


    Kellogg Company Cheez It Stop 3

    Step inside the Cheez-It Stop where road-trippers and Cheez-It fans will take a trip back in time to the nostalgic roadside gift shops of yesteryear, complete with absurdly cheezy mementos and hard-to-find Cheez-It flavors that aren’t just a want, but a need. Visitors will find Instagram-worthy aisles stocked with road trip essentials like nostalgic Cheez-It Stop collectibles, exclusive cheezy merch and a variety of the most beloved Cheez-It flavors. Visitors can shop it all, as these items will be available for purchase to commemorate their visit to this epic oasis.

    Kellogg Company Cheez It Stop 4

    The Cheez-It Stop is open for one week only starting today, June 5, through Sunday, June 11, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST daily located at 61943 Twentynine Palms Highway in Joshua Tree, a perfectly situated desert destination for fans looking to make the 128-mile drive from Los Angeles or the 168-mile trek from San Diego.

    Hungry for more ways to Want It? Need It. Cheez-It? Be sure to follow @CheezIt and #CheezItStop on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, plus, shop exclusive leftover and existing merch drops on to get in on the Cheez-It Stop fun no matter your location.