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Wendy’s new canned chili is coming soon to grocery stores

    wendys chili in a can

    Conagra Brands recently announced at the 2023 Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Conference that Wendy’s chili is coming to grocery stores this year. Now let’s not get ahead with this, it seems the item is set up already on Instacart.

    Wendy’s has not officially announced the product to the public besides the CAGNY conference announcement from Conagra Brands. We still cannot put a finger on this yet. Oops, I misspoke, never mention Wendy’s chili and fingers in the same sentence.

    chili in a can wendys

    Early reaction online is mixed. From excitement to the taste blandness of Wendy’s chili remains to be seen if this chili will take off. I am not too excited if this is the final artwork for the can. It looks like a generic can for dog food. Just saying.

    Fun Fact: Thomas wrote in his memoir “Dave’s Way.” The exact combination of beef, spices, vegetables, and multiple kinds of beans was struck upon only after what Thomas called “marathon cooking sessions” that took place in his own kitchen at home (led by his wife, Lorraine) and in the kitchen of Charlotte Immke, spouse of Len Immke, a car dealer and close friend of Thomas who also helped secure the real estate to open the first Wendy’s.