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Baskin Robbins’ new March flavor is chicken and waffles 

    everyones screaming over this new baskin robbins ice cream

    My curiosity was piqued manyfold with Baskin Robbins new March flavor. Imagine ice cream that tastes like chicken and waffles. I just can’t wrap my head or even my tongue around that. I have to try this out. Chicken and waffles? Now that is March madness!

    Chicken and waffles are not the healthiest things you can devour. Be self-assured that there is no actual chicken in this latest publicity stunt by Baskin Robbins. According to the press release, this chicken and waffles do not in fact include chicken, so vegetarians needn’t worry. Instead, each bite offers waffle-flavored ice cream, chunks of waffle and faux chicken, and bourbon maple syrup.

    If you happen to be in New York City on March 7th, Baskin Robbins fans can stop by the chain’s Bottomless Brunch to sample the limited-time Chicken & Waffles ice cream for free

    Fun Facts: Astronut and Lunar Cheesecake were invented in honor of the NASA space missions in the 1960s. They were introduced only after the astronauts reached home safely.