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Daily Crave launches new ready-to-eat crunchy fries to-go

    daily crave fries

    The Daily Crave’s new Crunchy Fries are a great accompaniment to sandwiches or to be eaten by themselves. I came across The Daily Crave looking for an alternative to regular chips from the big chip companies a few years ago. I fell in love with their products. Now you can curb your cravings with healthier french fries. No frying is required. Why wait 30 minutes for crunchy fries in the oven when you can easily have fries out of a bag? Satisfy your taste buds with less guilt. You deserve to spoil yourself once in a while.

    The Daily Crave’s new Crunchy Fries are made with the highest quality, non-GMO potatoes and are also certified gluten-free and kosher. Currently, there are two flavors: Himalayan Pink Salt and Taco Dil-licious, both in a 4.25-ounce bag.

    These nostalgic, delicious snacks are ready-to-eat and easy to take on the go for enjoyment at work, school, tailgating, or camping. With an authentic, French fry taste, these Crunchy Fries are delectable on their own but even better with ketchup, ranch, or melted cheese. They can be warmed up quickly in a microwave and can also be the perfect, better-for-you side dish to any entree – the possibilities are endless!

    Crunchy Fries provides ease and efficiency to families; no need to preheat the oven to waste electricity and time to cook frozen-bought potatoes.

    At a tremendous value, a single 1-ounce serving of Crunchy Fries gives the consumer up to 60 pieces compared to 16 pieces of the traditional high-fat, restaurant-style French fries; that is more than 250 pieces per bag to enjoy with family and friends.

    “We’ve been looking to offer a new snack made with simple ingredients that are unique to the market and loved by all. As I waited over 30 minutes for my frozen fries to cook and become crispy, I realized how much time and energy it took for my favorite snack to be ready. I knew there had to be a better way to satisfy my fries craving without compromising the taste and the crunch. Move over frozen fries and potato chips – There is a new fry in town. Crunchy Fries will be on store shelves by June 2023!” says Hassan Alireza, Founder and CEO of The Daily Crave.

    Fun Fact: In 1926, Laura Scudder came up with the concept of pre-bagging potato chips, both for freshness and transportability. Originally made of waxed paper that was ironed by hand into grease-resistant packets, those first potato chip bags were the forerunners of today’s crinkly foil sacks.