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The New Yorker

The New Yorker’s Olimpia Zagnoli explores summer with Cocomero

    Olimpia Zagnoli, a gifted artist hailing from Milan, captures this essence in her new cover art for The New Yorker’s August 28, 2023 issue. Olimpia Zagnoli takes us on a journey to encapsulate the August ambiance through her artwork titled “Cocomero.”

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    Diana Ejaita’s “Tastes of Home”

      Here is some food for thought for this Thanksgiving. The latest cover by Diana Ejaita of The New Yorker celebrates diversity for Thanksgiving. Her mother is Italian and your dad is Nigerian which makes Thanksgiving a special occasion.

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      Food from the past: The invention of the pop top beer can

        Words sometimes like food can be digested with delight.  In 1963 Schlitz started nationally using pop-top cans for their beer. Three years later cans were out-selling beer in bottles. Pulitzer Prize writer John Updike wrote a thirst-quenching bit for The New Yorker in 1964 about the progress of man using the beer can as a simile.  This is one meaty morsel of literature to bite into.