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cooking with deadpool scaled 1

Marvel Comics: Cooking With Deadpool

    When it comes to cooking with super-heroes, Superman and Batman come to mind. Superman’s super-speed and heat-vision, cooking can be a flash and your food would always be warm. Batman has Alfred who can whip up any exotic recipe at his beckoning. Now when it comes to Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth has built an extensive appetite for digestion.

    marvel cookbook scaled 1

    Marvel Eat The Universe: The Official Cookbook

      Most families are cooking at home due to COVID-19. What a perfect way to be a hero in the kitchen. Celebrity chef Justin Warner will transform you into a culinary super-hero with his new official Marvel cookbook. The book is available for preorder now, and on-sale July 28. We need a hero, too bad we have to wait a few months. You will save your universe in your home as you delight your young ones and those young at heart with classic Marvel foods from the Marvel universe. Use this book wisely because with great power, comes great responsibility.

      infinity gauntlet meat tenderiser 1

      Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderiser

        Fun isn’t something one considers when flattening a raw sirloin steak, but wielding the Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderiser is sure to put a smile on your face.

        Avengers huk jello 1

        Marvel Avengers Infinity War Jello Spider-Man Cherry and Hulk Lime Jell-O Mixes

          With Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War soon to hit theatres, the gauntlet will be thrown down as merchandising will hit all stores to fight for your hard earned dollar. So which manufacturer will collect your money? Now you can buy from the people who make Jell-O, Jello Spider-Man Cherry and Hulk Lime Jell-O Mixes. It’s too bad they could not come up with a gauntlet with different flavors that you could eat from and gain imaginary super-powers. What no blueberry Captain America Jell-O, grape Thanos Jell-O, and orange Iron-Man Jell-O? They should have created a Thanos Jell-O multipack with the gem colors.