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Kit Kat

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Kit Kat just revealed a Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Flavor for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day just got a bit sweeter with a new Kit Kat Duo pairing. What better way to say to your significant other that you love them with Kit Kat’s Strawberry + Dark Chocolate Flavor new flavor. The crisp wafers enveloped in strawberry creme and dark chocolate will get them in the mood. Love is always in the air when strawberries and dark chocolate are involved. This is a perfect stuffer for your loved ones.

    witches brew kitkat 1

    KIT KAT Crisp Wafers in Crème with Witch’s Brew

      When it’s Halloween and you need a break, turn to KIT KAT® Crisp Wafers in Crème with Witch’s Brew Foils. Serve them up to trick-or-treaters and they’ll be cackling with delight. Or, place them in your Halloween party tray and listen as your guests’ chants change from “Double, double, toil and trouble,” to “KIT KAT®, KIT KAT®, May I please have some more of that?”

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      Limited Edition Kit Kat Apple Pie Bars

        Summer is around the corner, Hershey’s Limited Edition Kit Kat Apple Pie bars will be coming to a store near you this July! The traditional wafer bars are covered in apple pie-flavored white chocolate cream.