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Babybel Plant Based Bel Brands scaled 1

Babybel Plant-Based cheese is now available

    Following considerable consumer fanfare after an initial announcement in February, Bel Brands USA is excited to announce that Babybel Plant-Based is now available at retailers nationwide. The creamy, delicious plant-based snack can be found at Whole Foods, Sam’s Club and Fresh Thyme, as well as select Costco locations in the Southeast.

    nutella bucket 1

    Hell’s bells and buckets of Nutella!

      One can never get enough Nutella. Costco sells a 6.6 lbs bucket of Nutella. Obviously, it is meant for the food service sector, but you got to wonder sometimes what people cart out of Costco. Is it for industrial purposes or personal? This bucket could feed you for a year. I do not know about shelf life but can settle any craving for a year or turn you off Nutella forever.

      doomsday kits costco 1

      Costco Selling Doomsday Kits

        It’s the end of the world as we know it. Has doomsday been on your mind lately? Perhaps a natural disaster on the horizon? Fret not, Costco has you covered. They are selling “Doomsday Kits” just in case you need to survive Armageddon. The kits are called “Chef’s Banquet Emergency Food Kit ARK.” They come on a pallet that sells for a whopping $6499.99. It includes 12,060 total servings. They also have the “In Case Of – 1-year 4-person Emergency Food Storage Kit” for $8,499.99. Wonder what is the return policy for these items. Costco has been selling these survival products since 2010, but recently there has been a spike on apocalyptic anxiety with recent global tensions around the world.